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 My family has been singing Gospel music for 31 years, and I have been producing albums for 17.  Very few artists that I have encountered labor over their craft more than Dave Bolling.  Dave is a consummate professional, a writer of masterful lyrics, and an anointed minister in song.  I have worked with him on arranging music and in the studio.  I have shared the stage with him.  I have shared the dinner table with he, and his lovely wife Carole.  I can wholeheartedly recommend to your church or event, the ministry of Dave Bolling Music.  He will bless your folks!




Adam Knight, President

AOK Records


Thoughts from pastors about Dave's ministry...

I have been privileged to experience the music ministry of Dave Bolling for 30 years – 13 of them as his pastor. For 20 years he blessed the First Baptist Church of Lakeview through his splendid ability at leading worship as well as through his direction of our choir. During this time I also watched as his fertile mind created some of the most beautiful poetry set to music I have known. I also thrilled as he shared his own compositions, as well as those of others, in pulpit vocal ministry. Always he sings from the heart, touching other hearts with what he has experienced of the glory of God in Christ. As he leads in worship, he truly draws the congregation along with him in worship of our Lord. I enthusiastically endorse Dave’s ministry in both congregational worship and vocal concerts as genuine and full of the love of Christ.

Dr. Leroy Spinks

Pastor First Baptist Church Lakeview, retired    


Good church music comes through good voices, good choirs, good musicians, good orchestras, etc.; however great music comes from great hearts. In the twelve years I have known Dave Bolling as a fellow-minister of the Gospel, I have been amazed at his heart for music, at his ability to hear with the heart, to write inspired songs, and to sing from the heart. I have never known anyone who could inspire and encourage persons to sing like Dave. I feel that he has a lot to offer the body of Christ. 

Dr John Wyatt
Pastor First Baptist Church Fort Oglethorpe, retired

“After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could
count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and
in front of the Lamb” (Rev. 7:9).

 When that special day of worship comes, we will fully understand why missions were                                                                  so important and near to the heart of God. We
do missions so that people will know God and one day be part of this great
multitude worshiping God. It is all for the glory of God. And there is no better
example of this missional heartbeat than the one I have found with my friend Dave
Bolling. God has gifted Dave with a special ability for songwriting and sharing his
songs with people in need. His gift is great, but not as great as his heart for using
every word and every note to touch another human soul and lead that soul to saving
 He has been doing this exceptionally well from the time that God touched his
own life many years ago. Dave has been an encouragement and inspiration for me
during the five years we have shared at First Baptist Church in Fort Oglethorpe. And
when that special day of worship comes, I cannot wait to see the many souls from
that multitude running up to Dave to share what a difference his gift and his music
has made for their eternal lives!

Jason Thomas
Lead Pastor
First Baptist Church Fort Oglethorpe.